STST Pressure Syphon
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STST Pressure Syphon

The Ningdian® STST Pressure Syphon made in China is a simple device used to protect a pressure gauge or pressure transducer from high-temperature media, such as steam. It can also be used to reduce the potentially damaging effects of rapid pressure changes

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Product Description

Ningdian® STST Pressure Syphon from China protect gauges from the effects of steam and other hot media by dissipating temperatures and also reducing the effects of rapid pressure surges. Coiled or pigtail siphons are installed water-filled and can collect condensate from steam inside the coil or pigtail portion of the siphon. 

They are designed with two threaded ends that separate the threaded process on one end with the gauge connected to the other. Instead of the traditional looped design, finned siphons have a reduced orifice with lateral fins that create maximum surface area to absorb heat transfer of steam before it reaches the gauge. They are commonly used in chemical, oil, gas, and pulp and paper applications.


The Ningdian® STST Pressure Syphon can be used at pressures up to 1,000 psi. Select siphons made in China are made with lead-free or low-lead compliant brass material for applications involving drinking water. Pigtail or coiled siphons are installed water-filled, creating a barrier between high-temperature steam and sensitive gauge components. 

This increases the life of the pressure instrument, making it a good choice for low- and medium-pressure applications in industries ranging from power generation to oil and gas. And for the high-lead pressure components, Ningdian use the material 316 Stainless steel or carbon steel to make the pressure gauge syphons.

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