Pressure Gauge With Blow Out
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Pressure Gauge With Blow Out

The Ningdian® pressure gauge with blow out which is provided by China manufacturer and supplier is suitable for use in flammable and explosive situations. Unlike ordinary pressure gauges, pressure gauge with blow out made in China have higher qualituy requirements. First of all, the safety factor is not high. There are many types . How to choose a suitable pressure gauge for yourself , which should be taken into consideration.

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Product Description

The Ningdian® pressure gauge with blow out is suitable for severe environments and corrosive gaseous or liquid media which will not obstruct the pressure entry. 

Working pressure Continuous 100% FS Temporary 130% : FS<60bar Temporary 115% : FS^100bar Case 304 stainless steel, bezel ring Blow out hole Rear, Ø 25mm (only case 100 & 150) Protection class IP 65 (according to EN60529) Option: IP 67 (according to IEC605 49) Dial White aluminium Black letters and graduations Pointer Adjustable Black aluminium Window gasket Neoprene rubber Movement 304 stainless steel Pressure element Bourdon tube Material 316L stainless steel Process connection 316L stainless steel Connection Bottom or back Mounting Direct Panel – front flange Wall mounting – back flange.

Description of Pressure gauge With Blow Out 


2.5” Or 4”

Pressure Range:

From 30inHg to 1600bar


St St material


BSP, NPT, BSPT, PT, ZG, and other special specification

Bourdon Tube:

Stainless Steel material

Higher Case :

304 St St Or 316 St St material,polished or not polished


304 St St bayonet ring or 316 St St bayonet ring


Glass lens or safety glass

Dial Plate:

Single ,dual or three scales(Bar, Psi, Kg/C㎡, Kpa, Mpa)




Stainless Steel material


Aluminium or Stainless Steel material(adjust type)


St St material

Over Pressure: 


Connection Type:

One connection sealed

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