Positioning Pressure Gauge
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Positioning Pressure Gauge

The Ningdian® positioning pressure gauge is composed of a pressure gauge of various outer diameters and a positioning device, (except for the shock-resistant pressure gauge).Commonly we often install a red adjustable pointer on the window.

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Product Description

Different types of pressure gauges can be matched with positioning devices to form different types of positioning pressure gauges. The photoes are only for liquid filled pressure gauge, but for a dry pressure gauge or an All stainless steel anti-corrosion positioning pressure gauge,  ordinary diaphragm positioning pressure gauge, etc. We can also adding and red adjustable pointer in the lens.

The feature of the positioning pressure gauge made in China is that the limited pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the effective working pressure range can be clearly marked, which can serve as a warning and prompt for the on-site personnel.

The positioning device of a Ningdian® positioning pressure gauge has two pointers, red and green. The green pointer indicates the starting pressure position and the red pointer indicates the ending pressure position. You can also choose one of the setting needles and use them alone. 

Turn the outer knob of the device to adjust the position of the red pointer, and turn the middle "-" knob of the positioning device to adjust the position of the green pointer. (Note: The green pointer can only be adjusted clockwise).

Except the red pointer in the positioning pressure gauge, the structure is very same with the dry pressure gauge, liquid filled pressure gauge, all STST pressure gauge, even diaphragm pressure gauge.  And we also can desigh the positioning device according to your requirement.


Description of positioning pressure gauges & Liquid Filled With Red Pointer


From 2” to 4”

Pressure Range:

From 30inHg to 1000bar


Brass , brass crome plated or St St material


BSP, NPT, BSPT, PT, ZG, and other special specification

Bourdon Tube:

Phosphor bronze or stainless steel material

Case :

304 St St or 316 St St material,polished or not polished,back with screws


St St crimped bezel or St St bayonet bezel,


PC lens or glass lens

Dial Plate:

Single ,dual or three scales(Bar, Psi, Kg/C㎡, Kpa, Mpa)




Steel,brass or stainless steel material


Aluminium material


Brass or St St material

Over Pressure: 


Connection Type:

One connection sealed

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