Oxygen Pressure Gauge
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Oxygen Pressure Gauge

The structures of a Ningdian® oxygen pressure gauge and standard pressure gauge are basically the same. Because of the chemical nature of oxygen's strong oxidizing properties, a special oxygen pressure gauge made in China is required when measuring oxygen pressure. The China factory made oxygen pressure gauges which have clear regulations and indicators in the country. In short, there are two aspects: no contact with any oily products from the production of parts to assembly and verification, and the dial has a red oil-free sign.

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Product Description

The safety of the Ningdian® oxygen pressure gauge mainly depends on the entire production process of the manufacturer and whether it is operated in strict accordance with the relevant national regulations. Many manufacturers use the standard pressure gauge as an oxygen pressure gauge after cleaning with carbon tetrachloride, which can easily cause safety accidents. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a good manufacturer when purchasing an oxygen pressure gauge from China.

The main difference between the oxygen pressure gauge and the dry pressure gauge is that the Ningdian® oxygen pressure gauge is an oil-free gauge, that is to say, the final calibration of the assembled pressure gauge is to verify the pressure of the instrument by gas or water, while the standard pressure gauge is to be calibrated by oil. Calibration, because oxygen cannot spontaneously ignite but it can support combustion. Oxygen will have a violent chemical reaction with grease when the pressure is above 2.49MPa, so it must be prohibited.

Parameter of the oxygen Pressure Gauge (Use No Oil Gauge)


From 1.5” to 2.5”

Pressure Range:

From 0 to 15000psi


Brass , Stainless Steel material or chrome plated


BSP,NPT,BSPT,PT,ZG,and other special specification

Bourdon Tube:

Phosphor bronze or stainless steel material

Case :

Plasitic, black steel, chrome plated, 304 St St , 316 St St


No bezel , black steel press-on bezel, chrome plated press-on bezel, 304 St St

press-on bezel or 316 St St press-on bezel


Plasitic press-in ,PC lens,glass lens and screw-on PC lens.

Dial Plate: 

Single ,dual or three scales(Bar,Psi,Kg/ c㎡,Kpa,Mpa)


3-2-3%, 2.5%, 1.6%


Steel, brass or stainless steel material


Aluminium or stainless steel material


Brass or St St material

Over Pressure:


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