How to distinguish the quality of the pressure gauge


How to distinguish the quality of the pressure gauge

1. The spring tube of the individual pressure gauge is a tubular spring with a certain cross-sectional shape (a flat circle and an approximate oval shape are rarely used), bent into a "C" shape, and can meet the certain elastic requirements. If the spring tube is too small, it will affect the accuracy level of the pressure gauge.

2. If the indication value of the pressure gauge exceeds the allowable error, the indication adjustment screw of the gauge should be adjusted. If the gauge does not have an indication adjustment screw, the gauge can only be judged to fail.

3. The division line of the pressure gauge dial should be average, and the guide end of the pointer should be able to cover 1÷3 ~ 2÷3 of the length of the shortest division line.

4. For a pressure gauge with a stop pin, the pointer should be close to the stop pin when there is no pressure or vacuum, and the "shrinking" must not exceed the allowable error of the rules.

5. The pressure gauge case should be able to protect the external parts from purification, the pressure gauge should be equipped with a safety hole, and the safety hole should have a dust-proof installation.

6. The digital pressure gauge depends on the inductance of the overall structure, the selected material, the aging process of the electronic components, and the temporary stability.

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