The hidden dangers that the pressure gauge should be eliminated.


In actual production and life, we can always see the shadow of the pressure gauge, but the pressure gauge is ignored or illegally used, which brings hidden dangers to safety:

Hidden danger 1: Because the installation configuration is not standardized, the current specification has clear requirements for the configuration, installation, use, maintenance, inspection, etc. of the pressure gauge. However, in the actual installation, in order to reduce the monitoring of secondary parts or double meters It is necessary to set only a few numbers, and the situation of arbitrarily changing the regulations is prominent.
Hidden danger 2: Because the maintenance is not paid attention to during normal use, there is no regular inspection and cleaning during use, and no usage records are made.

Hidden danger 3: Because the inspection and verification work has not been implemented well, the verification period of the general pressure gauge is half a year, which is to ensure the reliable technical performance of the pressure gauge and the accurate transmission of the value. Because some users do not have a good understanding of the safety of the pressure gauge and do not apply for verification in advance, the phenomenon of using it beyond the verification period is very serious.

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