Industrial bimetal thermometer can also be used as indoor thermometer


Many people have the impression that industrial thermometers are rough and ugly, while indoor thermometers are wood thermometers, electronic thermometers and the like. In fact, there are also "wonderful flowers" in industrial thermometers!
Magnet thermometer belongs to bimetal thermometer. The bimetallic thermometer is based on the principle of solid thermal expansion. Usually, two metal sheets with relatively large difference in expansion coefficient are welded together to form a bimetallic temperature sensing element. When the temperature changes, because the linear expansion coefficient of two different materials of bimetallic sheet is relatively different, different expansion and contraction will occur, resulting in bending deformation of bimetallic sheet. Different rotation amounts are generated according to different deformation amounts. The rotation amount drives the connected rotating shaft, and the rotating shaft drives the indicator at the other end, so that the indicator can point to the correct reading and indicate the temperature.

Magnet thermometer is generally used in industry to measure the surface temperature of pipes. In fact, it can also be used as an indoor thermometer. With its magnet adsorption and installation characteristics, it can be attached to the iron filing cabinet in the office, which is beautiful and adds fun to office life, and also provides temperature monitoring for opening air conditioners in winter and summer. Note: Do not touch the temperature sensing element behind the instrument by hand to avoid damage.

bimetal thermometer

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