Bimetal thermometers are also required for meaty farming


bimetal thermometer is also required for meaty farming.

South Africa, the country of origin of meat, generally prefers strong light exposure, dry and soft media, ventilated environment, drought resistance and fear of waterlogging. They usually like warmth and large temperature difference between day and night. The light should be sufficient, but soft. During the summer dormancy period, ventilation and cooling shall be carried out to keep cool. In winter, sunshine shall be sufficient and the minimum temperature shall be above 7 ℃.

There are many kinds of succulent plants. Generally speaking, you should be careful of long-term exposure to high temperature in summer. Adequate sunshine in other seasons will help the plant grow; Watering should be done thoroughly. After watering, do not expose to the sun. Place it in a cool place with low light; The optimum temperature is 15~28, and the tolerance limit is 5~35; Ventilation is extremely important, and ventilation shall be strengthened in sultry summer nights; The soil must be well ventilated and drained, and not easy to agglomerate.

So, how can we know the soil temperature accurately? At this time, we need a bimetal thermometer. Insert the stainless steel probe directly into the soil, and the pointer can directly display the soil temperature. Do you think it's wonderful?

bimetal thermometer

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