Maintenance methods for common faults of pressure sensor.


Maintenance methods for common faults of pressure sensor.

pressure sensor

Problem phenomenon
Inspection and Testing
terms of settlement
pressure transmitter has no output
1:Check whether the pressure transmitter power supply is connected reversely;
Connect the power pole correctly

2: Whether there is 24V DC voltage for the power supply of the child transmitter;
The power supply voltage to the transmitter must be 212V (that is, the voltage at the transmitter power input terminal is ≥ 12V). as
If there is no power supply, check whether the circuit is disconnected and whether the detector is selected incorrectly (the input impedance should
s250Q) ;

3: If it is with a meter, check whether the meter is damaged.(The two wires of the meter head can be shorted first. If the short meter head is damaged, the meter head shall be replaced,
If the circuit is normal, it indicates that the meter head is damaged);

If the meter head is damaged, it needs to be replaced

4: Connect the ammeter in series to the 24V power circuit and check whether the current is normal;
If it is normal, the transmitter is normal. At this time, check whether other instruments in the circuit are normal

5:Whether the power supply is connected to the transmitter power input end;
Connect the power cord to the power terminal.
 Transmitter output ≥ 20mA
1: Whether the pressure transmitter power supply is normal
If it is less than 12VDC, check whether there is a large load in the circuit, and the input impedance of the transmitter load should conform to RL ≤ (transmitter supply voltage - 12V) 1 (0.02A) Q

2:Whether the actual pressure exceeds the selected value of the pressure transmitter Mileage;
Reselect the appropriate range pressure transmitter.

3: Check whether the pressure sensor is damaged. Severe overload may sometimes damage the isolation diaphragm.
It needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair.

4: Whether the wiring is loose;
Connect the wire and tighten it

5: Whether the power line wiring is correct
The power line shall be connected to the corresponding terminal

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