How to use the pressure gauge correctly to ensure the accuracy?


First of all, the influence of the temperature pointer pressure gauge is the influence of the pressure on the bending deformation of the spring. If the temperature of the medium entering the spring bending is high, the effect of temperature will also lead to bending deformation. In addition, the bending time of the high temperature medium on the spring is long, and the bending deformation is permanent. All of these can adversely affect the measurement.

The preventive method is to install a different type of drain pipe between the pressure gauge and the steam drum to accumulate condensate and prevent the steam from directly entering the spring elbow.

The pointer pressure gauge is installed outside the boiler and is greatly affected by external conditions. If the outside temperature is too low, icing or various vibrations of the boiler body and the pressure gauge, the sensitivity and accuracy of the indicator will be affected.

Preventive measures: First, install insulation devices; second, install buffer devices. For example, a three-way cock is an anti-vibration device.

Springs in pointer pressure gauges bend, and springs and other elastic components are often at or near their limits. Long-term work can lead to weakening or loss of elasticity, or even permanent deformation. If the instrument pointer is usually close to or larger than 2/3 of the full scale of the dial, it is not conducive to the long-term operation of the instrument.


The method of prevention is to select a reasonable range when selecting the pressure gauge first, and the working pressure is 1/2 of the range. Secondly, it is necessary to strictly prevent the overpressure operation of the boiler.

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