What is the reason for the inaccurate indication of the All STST pressure gauge?


If the All STST pressure gauge is inaccurate in the process of use, it is a serious problem, because the most important work for us to use it is to measure, if there is an error in the indication, then it is useless. . Next, let's take a look at its specific use.

In production work, a pressure gauge is a kind of instrumentation device specially used to measure the pressure of a specified object. Therefore, the basic requirement for this kind of instrumentation equipment is to ensure the accuracy of the indication. In practical applications, most of the common faults of STST pressure gauges are related to the inaccurate indication of the gauge. Of course, there are many reasons for the inaccurate indication of STST pressure gauges. Next, we will analyze and discuss this issue.

In fact, there are many factors that may affect the measurement accuracy of All STST pressure gauge. For example, there are many external factors that will affect its performance. This is because when the instrument is affected by some external factors, the indication will be inaccurate. For example, temperature, vibration and overload will cause accurate indication of the pressure instrument. When the pressure instrument operates in a high temperature, high vibration or overload environment, the internal elastic components will be in a long-term deformation state, resulting in deformation, and the pressure value cannot be displayed normally.

As a user, if you want to avoid the adverse effects caused by external factors, you need to take preventive measures in advance to prevent the All STST pressure gauge from working in a high temperature, freezing and vibration environment, or for these environments to prevent high temperature, freezing and vibration. Protect. At the same time, the instrument should keep the pointer indicating below 2/3 of the full scale of the pressure gauge during operation, so as to avoid the influence of overload operation.

In fact, in the process of pressure measurement, there are many situations that will lead to the problem of inaccurate measurement. For example, when measuring, the pointer of the STST pressure gauge is not at a low position, which will directly lead to inaccurate indication. The main reasons for this failure are the loss of elasticity of the elastic element, the loss of elasticity of the hairspring or the falling off, the deformation of the pointer, or the blockage of the internal pipeline of the instrument. . After the pointer is not in the low position, it needs to be repaired in time, and the pointer should be corrected to the low position again.

In addition, during the measurement, the pointer of the All STST pressure gaugemay also experience abnormal jitter or motionless situation. The former is mainly due to the damage of the hairspring, the inactivity of the connecting rod or gear connecting bolt, the bending of the central shaft, and the blockage of the pipeline. The latter is mainly due to the failure of the three-way cock of the STST pressure gauge, the blockage of the pipeline, the stuck pointer or the loose gear, etc.

This is the specific reason that may cause the inaccurate indication of the All STST pressure gauge. I wonder if you know how to solve it after reading the above content?

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