What is the principle of pressure sensor?


In the human social environment, pressure is everywhere, and pressure sensors have naturally become commonly used sensors in industrial practice. They are widely used in various industrial automatic control environments, involving water conservancy, hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, automatic production control, aerospace, military industry. , petrochemical, oil wells, electric power, ships, machine tools, pipelines and other industries.
A pressure sensor is a sensor that converts pressure into electrical signal output. While talking about pressure sensors, the concept of pressure sensors must be derived. Traditional sensors consist of sensitive elements and conversion elements. Among them, the sensitive element refers to the part of the sensor that can directly sense or respond to measurement; the conversion element refers to the part that converts the strain sensed or responded by the sensitive element into an electrical signal suitable for transmission or measurement.
Since the output signal of the sensor is generally weak, modulation and amplification are required. With the development of integrated technology, people install this part of the circuit and power supply in the sensor. In this way, the sensor is sufficient.
The output facilitates the processing and transmission of available signals. In the past, when the technology was relatively backward, the so-called sensor refers to the above-mentioned sensitive element, and the transmitter refers to the above-mentioned conversion element.
A pressure sensor usually refers to a sensitive element that converts a changing pressure signal into a correspondingly changing resistance signal or capacitance signal, such as a pressure resistance element, a pressure capacitance element, and the like. Pressure transmitters usually refer to pressure transmitters and regulating elements.

Usually, the entire circuit unit composed of circuits for measuring pressure can directly output a standard voltage signal or current signal with a linear relationship of pressure, which can be directly collected by instruments, programmable controllers, collection cards and other equipment.

pressure sensor

There are many kinds of pressure sensors, such as resistance strain pressure sensors, semiconductor strain pressure sensors, resistance pressure sensors, capacitive pressure sensors, resonant pressure sensors, etc.
At present, the commonly used pressure sensors include diffused silicon pressure sensors, ceramic pressure sensors, sputtering film pressure sensors, capacitive pressure sensors, and high temperature sapphire pressure sensors.
But the piezoresistive pressure sensor is widely used, with low price, high precision and good linearity.
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