Introduction and application of pressure thermometer.


1 Introduction
The pressure thermometer is a newly developed new type of temperature measuring instrument, which solves the shortcomings of poor reliability and large temperature error. It adopts a miniature temperature sensing element installed in the sensor element to realize the function of electromechanical synchronous temperature measurement.

Pressure thermometers are often used in industrial production where copper is not corrosive. If the medium is corrosive, the anti-corrosion type should be used. It is suitable for temperature measurement in chemical, pharmaceutical, food production, textile and other industries.

2. Application
The pressure thermometer is suitable for measuring the temperature of various media without corrosive effect on copper in industrial occasions. If the medium has corrosive effect, the anti-corrosion type should be selected.

Pressure thermometers are widely used in machinery, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries to measure and control temperature in the production process.

The anti-corrosion pressure thermometer is made of all stainless steel and is suitable for temperature measurement of neutral corrosive liquid and gaseous media.

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