Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
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Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

The China Ningdian® Diaphragm pressure gauge commonly known as "chemical seal" gauge are designed and recommended to isolate the measuring system of a pressure gauge from corrosive, pasty or dangerous fluid depending on the viscosity, pressure, temperature, solidification of a particular process medium,Safety all units are manufactured to comply with EN 837-1.

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Product Description

The diaphragm pressure gauge made in China consists of a diaphragm seal isolator and a common pressure gauge.The Ningdian® diaphragm pressure gauge is a system. It is suitable for measuring the pressure of the medium with strong corrosion, high temperature, high viscosity, easy crystallization, easy solidification, solid floating matter.

To avoide the medium access to the pressure gauges directly. Diaphragm pressure gauges are mainly used for the pressure of fluid media in the production process of petrochemical, alkali production, chemical fiber, dyeing, pharmaceutical, food and cheese production.

When the monitored medium is highly corrosive such as: hydrochloric acid, wet chlorine, ferric chloride; has high viscosity,  such as: latex; easy to crystallize, salt water; easy to solidify ,hot asphalt; , Select the Ningdian® diaphragm pressure gauge, because the diaphragm pressure gauge has a diaphragm seal, which can prevent the medium with high viscosity, easy crystallization and solidification from flowing into the pressure guide hole, so as to ensure that the pressure gauge reading can normally reflect the pressure of the measured medium.

Description of Diaphragm Pressure Gauge


From 2.5” to 6”

Pressure Range:

From 30inHg to 1000bar


316 St St material


BSP, NPT, BSPT, PT, ZG, and other special specification

Bourdon Tube:

316 Stainless Steel material

Higher Case :

304 St St ,316 St St material,polished or not polished


304 St St bayonet ring or 316 St St bayonet ring


PC lens,glass lens or safety glass

Dial Plate:

Single ,dual or three scales(Bar,Psi,Kg/cm2,Kpa,Mpa)




304 Stainless Steel material


Aluminium or stainless Steel material(adjust type)


304 St St material

Diaphragm Seal:

316 St St material

Over Pressure:


Connection Type:

One connection welded to the case

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