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Capillary Pressure Gauge

The structure of a Ningdian® capillary pressure gauge are the same with the dry pressue gauge, but there is a capillary with coppor or aluminum material. For some special machine, there is no enough room to install a standard pressure gauge, or the test connection has a long distance to the machine surface, so we have adding a capilliary in the socket of a pressure gauge, the connection is linked to the machine test connecion and installing panel.

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Product Description

The Ningdian® capillary pressure gauge made in China is the standard pressure gauge, the hourse is black steel case, brass connection and inner parts, The Bourdon tube sensitive element is an elastic C-shaped tube that is bent into a circular shape and has an oval cross-sectional area. 

The China Ningdian® capillary pressure gauge of the measuring medium acts on the inner side of the wave tube, so that the elliptical section of the Bourdon tube tends to be a circular section. Due to the slight deformation of the Bourdon tube, a certain ring stress is formed. This ring stress causes the Bourdon tube to extend outward. 

Since the head of the elastic Bourdon tube is not fixed, The capillary pressure gauge will produce a small deformation, and the magnitude of the deformation depends on the pressure of the measuring medium. The deformation of the Bourdon tube shows the pressure of the measuring medium indirectly by the hands through the movement.

Description of Capillary Pressure Gauge


From 1.5” to 2.5”

Pressure Range:

From 0 to 300Psi


Brass or brass chrome plated


BSP, NPT, BSPT, PT, ZG, and other special specification

Bourdon Tube: 

Phosphor bronze or stainless steel material

Lower Case : 

304 St St ,316 St St material, polished or not polished,back with no screws


304 St St crimped bezel or 316 St St crimped bezel


PC lens or glass lens

Dial Plate:

Single ,dual or three scales(Bar, Psi, Kg/C㎡, Kpa, Mpa)




Steel,brass or stainless steel material


Aluminium material





Over Pressure:


Connection Type:

One connection elded to the capillary

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